When something doesn’t make me happy – I change it. YOLO… am I right?

Since I turned 18 – I think I got a summons for Jury Duty every single year.  I’m just that lucky. 

Usually it plays out something like this –

  • I get excused from work for the day
  • I show up to a designated court-house
  • I sit around for 4 hours and watch a video on the importance and honor to serve this civil duty
  • A bailiff comes in the room and tells us that we are dismissed from Jury Duty and thanks us for our time

Not this time. This time – I was selected as Juror number 8 in a panel of jurors for a medical malpractice suit.  This wasn’t something that took up my afternoon – this was my life for two and a half weeks… and I loved every minute of it.

I understand why people hate the thought of Jury Duty.  It is a disruption of your life and can set you behind with work, force you to make different arrangements for child care, ….or just make a general inconvenience in your life.

It was like a real life TV show every day.  There were exhibits, witnesses, “expert” witnesses, objections, sidebars with the judge – the whole nine yards..  The best part of it was that I was out at 1:00 every day.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I couldn’t talk about the case until it was over.  Other than that – a part of me was hoping it would never end.  Getting out at one every day allowed me to be home around the same time as my boyfriend, and I loved being able to spend more time with him.  With my regular day-to-day job, I get out at work at 5:00, and now have an hour and a half to sometimes, two-hour commute home.  I get home around 7:00 – basically have dinner, and go to bed to do it all over again the next day.

My temporary life change gave me the opportunity to actually go out and get dinner with him at restaurants, go to the laundromat together, go grocery shopping, tackle some housekeeping… and we had sex every single day.

When the trial was over and I had to face my real life again – I was immediately miserable with the state of affairs.  Not only did it make me realize how much I hated my job, but it also allowed me to see how much I loved my boyfriend, and how happy I am with my life with him right now.

When something doesn’t make me  happy – I change it.  YOLO… am I right? This explains why I moved out of the apartment with my ex-boyfriend in 17 days. 

Time to brush up on my resume…



Author: livingwithastranger

I got an apartment with the person I was dating for less than a month because the cost of living was too high. I tolerated him for 17 days before moving out. A month later I got a new boyfriend and moved in with him - and hopefully...we live happily ever after.

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