I might be a decade older, but I can still be sexy AF

In the time that the girlfriend was away, I grew extremely attached to the new man in my life. The idea of spending any time with him while she is in the picture is not an option at this point.

I also found out I am the oldest person he has ever been with… even though he is 2 years older than I am. I don’t know how to feel about this.

He said he didn’t go out of his way to be with younger girls (his current is 8 years younger than me), and the reality of the situation was that he wanted to be with someone his age, at the same stage in life and wanted to settle down.

I am so glad that with all the competition of the twenty somethings… I can still be first choice.

I was afraid of being thirty and having to compete with all the twenty somethings of the world, because it is very easy for men to date women a lot younger than them (also a Sex in the City episode that I never forgot).

Men in their thirties who want to settle down seemed to be happy to find out that I am close to their age.

  • Bar hopping and dancing on bars is a thing of the past
  • I have a full-time job and pay my own bills
  • All my friends are married with kids.. and more often than not, so are theirs
  • I remember when cell phones didn’t exist and pagers were a thing.. and “143” was a code that only boyfriends received
  • Renting movies happened by going to a Blockbuster – and they were tapes that you needed to rewind before returning to the store
  • I know what AOL is
  • Writing research papers using references from real books that you found at the library… using the Dewey Decimal System.
  • I lived life enough to know what it means to be a grown up (and a struggle is more than giving your parents money for your cell phone bill)
  • I know what I’m doing in bed
  • I might be a decade older, but I can still be sexy AF

I know he’s happy to be around me. When I see him he gets this honest smile on his face that makes me blush. I’m not doubting us, questioning it, or wondering if there is something better out there. At the moment, and hopefully for a long time (or possibility forever), I’m happy.

I just hope it doesn’t turn into another one of my failures.

Author: livingwithastranger

I got an apartment with the person I was dating for less than a month because the cost of living was too high. I tolerated him for 17 days before moving out. A month later I got a new boyfriend and moved in with him - and hopefully...we live happily ever after.

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